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Building Business Value, Together. Our knowledge pool and technical capabilities extend across new developments, re-engineering, application management, testing, and process support. We have critical process and methodologies that are time-tested and enable us to start and sustain engagements smoothly. Strong analytical and technology proficiency we maintain, provide the foundation to work in diverse domains.

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We are a team of expert developers and talented creative professionals. We think out of the box to meet your tech needs. If you want have an idea that needs an appealing and unique online presence, click here to contact us with the details.

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We have completed numerous engaging projects that serve a wide variety of purposes.

Application Development - Overview
Proton Labs’s application development. Maintenance and support service offering includes:
Application development
Application Maintenance including major and minor enhancements and fixes of batch and online applications, availability management, productivity enhancement being the key goal
Addition of new modules/ functionalities
Application performance tuning complex Applications
Proactive job monitoring and resolving the abends at second level


The Company's Global Delivery Model provides for the best resources to be drawn from its vast talent pool across the globe to offer optimal solutions. The Company integrates its products and services to create customized solutions to allow you to undertake technology-based business transformation that allows reorganization in line with today's dynamic digital business environment.
  • Free custom designed filters

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  • High definition video recording

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  • Instant sharing to Facebook

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Mark Zuckerberg
“I love this app, it's probably my favourite social net working site, everything works well and the filters are good, my only concern is on direct message when somebody comments on your video/photo you always have to go onto it and refresh it to be able to find out if anybody had commented or liked."
Nirmal Baba
"Perfect Now I can show people all of my food!!! Just kidding, app is really great for showing some of important moments from your life. Now this being said, please return squared profile pictures, those circles don't really cut it."

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